Gold Membership

Gold Membership

From: $69.00 / week for 24 weeks/ week

Be a Gold Member and get the most advanced and specialised treatments at an unimaginable cost of only $69 weekly!
Valued up to $1065 and save up to $789.

Our Laser Hair Removal technique is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t irritate even the most delicate skin. It works wonders on all skin types and may be applied anywhere on the body without worrying about damaging the skin. The one-of-a-kind dynamic cooling system is standard on all of our lasers and serves to relax, soothe, and shield the skin.

Pick one area from Pool X and one from Pool Y for your laser hair removal treatments and enjoy any 2 skin treatments from the list in a month booked as per our expert therapist’s advice after consultation.


Pool X and Y

Pool X

Half Leg
Half Arm
Chest & Stomach
Back & Shoulder

Pool Y

Neck (front & back)
Snail trail
Hands & Fingers
Feet & Toes

Skin Treatments

All the selected laser hair removal areas must be treated in one appointment once every 4 weeks. Separate appointments must be booked for the two facial treatments as advised by your therapist. Treatments cannot be accumulated and forwarded to the next month nor can they be transferred to another person.

The clinic holds the right to change the pricing of the treatments without prior notice. The minimum period of membership cannot be less than 3 months and more than 6 months. Membership can be renewed before the date of expiry

New Face Laser and Cosmetic Clinic

We treat all skin types including tanned skin and offering unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction, leg and facial veins, removal of vascular and pigmented lesions, and skin rejuvenation.

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