Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch Marks, also known as striae, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. Over time they may diminish, but will not disappear completely. Stretch marks formed during pregnancy, usually during the last trimester, and usually on the belly, but also commonly occurring on the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back and buttocks, are known as striae gravidarum.

Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis. This is often from the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or rapid weight changes. Stretch marks may also be influenced by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding, or hormone replacement therapy. Although stretch marks are not medical problem, they can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness.

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Today we are photographed more than ever before. If your acne scars are causing you embarrassment or a loss of confidence, talk to us here at New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic in Ponsonby. For many young men and women skin imperfections can impact their self-confidence, we can help take your skin to the next level. Acne scars or any other type of scarring is something you don’t have to live with any longer, Sublative treatments are an ideal solution to overcome these inhibitions. Book a free expert consultation and find out what is possible for you.

Acne or Acne Vulgaris (also known as pimples) is a skin condition affecting many people at some stage of their lives. For the most effective Acne treatment, we at New Face Laser & Cosmetic Clinic use the most Advanced Machine eTWO by SYNERON-CANDELA USA.

The effect of Acne starts with greasy secretions from oil glands in the skin with plugging of the tiny openings of the hair follicles. If the openings are small it will lead to a white head, if they are large it can often lead to a blackhead. Both are due to pores in the skin clogging, leading to a red inflamed breakout. Scarring is more than a skin condition, the effects of scars can be a loss of confidence or lack of self-esteem.

Sublative is fractionated bi-polar RF technology that uses heat energy to encourage significant increases of collagen and elastin in the upper dermis – with low epidermal disruption for a broad range of skin types.

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  • – Quick treatments: typically 10-20 minutes depending on area treated
  • – Gradual improvement in the treated area, with repair and collagen production continuing in the months after treatment
  • – Treatment protocol: minimum of 4 to 6 treatments, 4 weeks apart Cost of treatment varies depending on area to be treated.Call for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our Licensed Aestheticians / Certified Laser Technicians.
Single Pre-Pay 3 – 5
Stretch Marks (Sublative Treatment)
Body Customised Book a free consultation for a quote.



During the treatment, many patients feel a warm, prickly sensation. After treatment a pink or sunburn appearance and feeling are common. Cooling and topical anesthetic are used to reduce discomfort during treatment.

There is a downtime of approx 2 to 5 days. Most patients can quickly resume their normal activities immediately post-treatment.


Follow your skin care routine as prescribed by your therapist and do the number of treatments as advised.


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Protect yourself with SPF 50 sunscreen, avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours after the treatment to give your skin time to heal. Use the prescribed skincare by your therapist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During treatment, you will feel a mild prickly sensation and the treated area becomes warm as energy enters the skin. After treatment, the skin appears pink or red for some time.

The treatment is well tolerated and no significant side effects have been reported in most skin types.

You may continue with your daily routine immediately after the treatment, however, the area will show small red dots which will gradually fade. A high factor sunscreen (at least 30 SPF ) should be applied to protect the treated area during the entire course of treatment and for at least one month after.

The cost of your stretch marks treatment will depend on many factors. To get a guide on price, please see the cost for stretch marks treatment, alternatively, you can book a FREE STRETCH MARK CONSULTATION to get personalised information.

Usually, 4 to 6 treatments are required spaced at 4 weeks each, depending on the results.

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We treat all skin types including tanned skin and offering unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction, leg and facial veins, removal of vascular and pigmented lesions, and skin rejuvenation.

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